ASN.1 Schema
Current schema files:  
Tables summarizing the schema files/modules, references to the types being defined in the schema, and more.
Combine multiple input schema files into one HTML page.
Add HTML features for exploring the schema interactively in a browser.
Discard all the ASN.1 comments present in the original ASN.1 schema.
Include in the summary page a table listing all the cases in which the reformatting operation encountered a token or comment that was too long.
Alter some aspects of the generated HTML files so that they can be opened into Microsoft Word.
Process /** ... */ comments and tags like "@class", "@brief", and "@param".
Insert the processed comment after the assignment that contains it (by default it goes before).
Page layout options:
All instances of text within curly brackets are to produce an indented block of text.
Each item of an enumerated type is to be placed in a separate line.
Each symbol within an IMPORTS or EXPORTS clause is to be placed in a separate line.
Include a non-breaking space instead of an ordinary space.
Insert a line number before each line of ASN.1 text.
Control the widths of columns in the HTML schema output. The HTML output is organized in 5 columns: identifier, type, OPTIONAL/DEFAULT, end-of-line comment, end-of-line comment when OPTIONAL/DEFAULT is present.
The indentation of a continuation line (on line wrapping).
The indentation increment caused by a left curly bracket at the end of a line.
The indentation of each FROM keyword in an IMPORTS clause.
The indentation of each symbol in an IMPORTS or EXPORTS clause, when these symbols are to be placed in a separate line.
Relevant when the input schema files contain tab characters.
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