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ASN.1 PKI data analysis tool: PKI decoder/DER decoder

Step 1: Schema provides structure and semantics for the data. If you know the schema, please provide it here. If you also know the type, either select one of the "Popular types", or select a type from the Decode results. You can also provide a partial schema, i.e., for the payload embedded in your PKI data by checking the checkbox. If the type is unknown, try one from the "Autodetect" or no schema.
Step 2: Provide your data for the above schema/type (if any). You can also select one of the Samples data to see how the inspector works.


Max characters to display for values   Truncates long values to the specified number of characters (0 for no truncation).
Display constructed strings (BER encoded, over 1000 bytes fragments) as
OCTET STRING and BIT STRING are parsed to detect embedded encodings even when there are parsing errors.
BIT STRING(s) display format

OCTET STRING(s) display format
OPTIONAL fields defined in the schema, but absent in the data.