Choosing the right schema technology:



Select the ASN.1 specification (enter manually, upload new, or pick existing). Compile to check the syntax and to extract the data Types to be used in Decoding and Encoding.

Compiling options:
Recommended when creating a new standard.
Allow encoding/decoding for all types, as opposed to PDUs (top-level, unreferenced).
Generate a dummy value for every PDU (sign in is required).

Enter a Value (in the ASN.1 Value Notation format) for one of the Types defined in the Schema. Click Encode. Various encoded formats will be available as links for downloading.

Encoding options:
Perform automatic encoding of open types (sign in is required).

Select the Type. Upload a message/PDU/record file. Click Decode. The decoded data can be downloaded as a text file in the ASN.1 Value Notation format.

Decoding options:
Perform automatic decoding of open types (sign in is required).
Decodes multiple concatenated records into a Comma-Separated-Values file (sign in is required).
Decodes with preserving unknown extensions (sign in is required).
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Console  Output
Please compile your schema