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ASN.1 Schema
Ignore complex DEFAULTs (for types other than NULL, BOOLEAN, ENUMERATED, INTEGER and BIT STRING) during encoding. Warning: for canonical ER, it might produce non-conformant encodings, as complex DEFAULT values will still be encoded.
Decode Open Types even when their IDs are nested at a different level. Otherwise Open Types can be decoded in a separate step.
Text and binary formats, where OER is faster, PER is smaller, JER is human readable, etc.
The name is incorporated in public generated names.
List of space-delimited type names (TypeName or ModuleName.TypeName or *.TypeName), to be included in the generated code, along with all their dependencies. By default, all the types defined in the schema are included.
Useful to distinguish multiple compilations for different schemas and/or encoding rules.
Generates a BigInteger to accommodate unconstrained integers (instead of 64-bit values).
Generates a BigReal for REAL (instead of "double").
Generates unconstrained OID arcs (instead of 64-bit values).
Inquire about ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, and other bare or embedded platforms. Email us your platform specs at
All memory allocations are made out of a single buffer provided by the user All memory allocations are made by calling the malloc/free functions defined in the standard C library All memory allocations by generating malloc/free style function calls (see below). The functions to be called must be defined in the user application and declared in a header file named "custom.h"
Malloc function name:  
Free function name:  

Ensures that the names of all types, fields, and functions in the API are no longer than 31 characters.
List of space-delimited type names (TypeName or ModuleName.TypeName or *.TypeName) for optional components of a SEQUENCE or alternatives of a CHOICE that are not expected to be present in a message and can be excluded from the generated code.